Oh my Dogness! - Your Premier House Call Dog Grooming Service
1. How long will it take for you to groom my dog?
Grooming your dog may take anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours. How long it takes depends on the type and condition of your pooch’s coat and his or her temperament. Severe matting or skin issues may also affect the time involved.

2. How can I prevent my dog’s hair from getting matted?
To prevent your dog’s hair from getting matted you need to brush it daily. Start by using a fine-tooth comb to see how easily it goes through your dog’s hair. It’s important to focus on key areas like  under the arms, behind the ears, neck and chest areas. Once you locate the tangles try to get them out with the comb gently. If this doesn’t work use a slicker brush and breakdown the matted hair with short strokes. In some cases, the best option may be to have your pooch’s hair cut very short or shaved so they can grow a new and healthy coat. This will help avoid your pooch from experiencing pain and discomfort.

3. My dog has very sensitive skin & allergic to most grooming products. Do you use hypoallergenic products?
Before we groom your dog we always ask if you dog has any type of skin or health condition. Based on your pooch’s needs we choose which shampoos and conditioner are best to use based on their skin or health condition.

4. Do you use any sedatives or tranquilizers to calm dogs down while grooming?
That’s a big NO! We are skilled and experienced groomers who know how to handle your dog’s personality, not matter complex or picky they may be. Not to mention, it is against the law to administer any kind of drugs to pets. But more importantly we believe in communicating effectively so that they have a fun and memorable experience!

 5. Do you have any type of certification?
Nuria is a Certified Dog Groomer and a graduate from the prestigious Nash Academy , in addition, she is certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid and has 10 years of experience as a Head Groomer.

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